Gunawan Jusuf

As the CEO of the Sugar Group Companies, Gunawan Jusuf faces a demanding and complex role, requiring him to oversee offices, plantations, and refineries spread across Indonesia. His responsibility, however, extends beyond mere management, as he strives to foster collaboration among every employee and subsidiary company for the collective benefit. Under his guidance, the organization has experienced remarkable growth, propelling many of Indonesia’s most renowned brands to success. Among these is Gulaku, a commercial refined sugar product that has earned a place as a household name throughout the country, alongside several other equally popular offerings.

The Sugar Group Companies encompass multiple independent entities, each functioning as an integral part of a cohesive whole, a testament to Gunawan Jusuf’s extraordinary skill as a leader. Last year, he authored the book “Blue Gold,” delving into the critical significance and inherent value of water as our most precious and limited resource. With his business heavily reliant on accessible water sources, Gunawan Jusuf possesses a unique understanding of the importance and worth of natural resources. Not only are they vital for the well-being of humanity worldwide, but they also form the backbone of his and numerous other enterprises, significantly impacting the overall economy.