Gunawan Jusuf’s strong ability to make sure that every employee, subsidiary company and the various offices and plants are all working together is probably his most significant accomplishment as the Sugar Group Companies’ chief executive. He also cares about the environment. That is why Gunawan Jusuf wrote and published a book entitled Blue Gold a few years ago. That book was important, in that it included a frank discussion of the relative scarcity and the high value of water as the world’s most important and precious commodity. It can certainly be said that, given his business background, Gunawan understands better than most how precious and valuable natural resources can be.

From his impressive position as CEO of the Sugar Group Companies, businessman Gunawan Jusuf has managed a motley assortment of independent companies in a way that has created significant growth for a number of products. The Sugar Group Companies is actually a collection of businesses that operate both independently and as a part of the larger collective. such as Gulaku, a premium refined sugar product that has become a household name all over Indonesia. That isn’t the only product, of course, just the most popular. The companies work in concert, in order to reach the goals of the overall company.