Gunawan Jusuf

Gunawan Jusuf, renowned as the CEO of the Sugar Group Companies, assumes a pivotal role in overseeing the growth and refinement of sugar, thereby enabling the creation of a wide range of popular sugar products. Rather than being a singular entity, the Sugar Group Companies encompass a collection of independent businesses that operate harmoniously within the larger group. Through his adept leadership, Gunawan Jusuf has fostered an environment conducive to significant growth across multiple product lines. One notable example is Gulaku, a premium commercial refined sugar product that has become a household name nationwide. However, the company’s success is not limited to a single product, as it boasts a diverse portfolio of popular and profitable offerings.

From Gunawan Jusuf‘s perspective, every facet of each business within the Sugar Group plays a synchronized role in achieving the overarching company goals. His remarkable achievement lies in his ability to ensure seamless collaboration among employees, subsidiary companies, as well as various offices and plants. This ability to unite and align all stakeholders stands as Gunawan Jusuf’s most significant accomplishment as the leader of the Sugar Group Companies.